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Disclaimer: By continuing on from this point, you acknowledge that you read this story on your own free time, which can never be regained. If you don't get the hint, I'm saying reading this will probably be a waste of your time. Then again, technically, anything done for fun is a voluntary waste of time.

Preface: In this series, which will (not) be updated frequently, I will write about how my roommate, and those around him, came to accept the princess within him. I will refer to him as Derek, myself as John, and my other roommate as Tyrone. 

Episode 1: Wat.

It was a typical Tuesday morning for Derek. The common room was quiet, one of his roommates' alarms wouldn't stop playing "Let It Go," and the other slept like a log. As per routine, he got out of bed and spent what seemed like an hour in the bathroom preparing himself to go to class. Meanwhile, his roommate, John, who had the same class as he did that morning, continued to sleep. 'What an irresponsible commoner,' Derek thought. 'I guess it's my duty, as a person of nobility, a princess, to wake him up.' To avoid disturbing his other roommate, Tyrone, he whispers to John, "Hey, wake up!"
Much to Derek's surprise, John responds immediately, saying "I am awake," but does not move.
'Well, I tried.' Derek stands up and looks out the window. He sighs. "If only everyone could be a perfect princess like me."
"Wait, what?" That was John, who had silently descended from his top bunk.
'Crap, did I say that out loud?!' "I-uh...I was just reciting some lyrics from a song."
"Oh." Fortunately, John was too tired to care. John finished changing his clothes. "We gonna go to class now, then?"
"Yes." The pair left the dorm. "I wonder if I'll ever be able to meet my prince," Derek mumbles.
Still sleepy, John replies, "Uhh...well I guess you might if-Wait a minute!"
'Shoot! I need to keep my mouth shut!'
"I forgot to charge my iPhone." Derek relaxes again. "Back to what I was saying, I'm not one to talk, but considering all you do is play video games, browse the internet, write fiction, do homework, and study, I think the chances of you meeting your 'princess' are slim. Also, why the odd word choice?"
"Oh, just have that song stuck in my head. Hahahahaha." 'Thank goodness he isn't a morning person.'

Next time on Princess Derikku-chan: Will Derek's secret be exposed? Will Tyrone actually be significant to the story? Will a new character be introduced? WILL THE BREAKFAST IN THE DINING HALL EVER TASTE GOOD? Find out the answer to all these questions and more, in the next episode.

Author's note: This work is/will be a fusion of fiction and reality.


United States
Strike Witches fan. College student. Gamer. Otaku (Americanized definition). Internet lurker. Professional procrastinator.

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